1. Strategic business development

Losing market share in your home market? Planning to enter a new geographic market? We support you in gathering the strategic insights needed to harness business opportunities, build competitive advantage, and mitigate risks.

2. International business

Are you planning to strengthen your foreign business operations? Or are you seeking to expand into new geographic markets? We provide investigative research and advisory services that help you understand pertinent market characteristics and particularities, identify customers and business partners, and to craft a growth or market entry strategy.

3. Investment, mergers & acquisitions

Whether you are searching for potential acquisition targets or need to evaluate opportunities and risks of a potential investment: We provide a range of intelligence and analytics services for institutional investors, such as target identification, approach strategy, and commercial due diligence support.

4. Innovation

“We are planning to develop a new type of lifting equipment for automotive service workshops, and need to assess the market potential in different countries.” Gathering of market data, assessment of market interest and potential, identification of pilot customers … We support your innovation process from the ideation to the launch stage.