Strategic insight


We gather business-critical information and derive the insights needed to manage risk, foster operational excellence, and to make informed, strategic decisions.

In the commercial sector we are obliged to use equipment certified by this organisation. I like the product’s design! I am sure we would use it if it had the required certification.

Building technology, market entry, Germany
We have to remain competitive, and for that we need professional and reliable partners. It would help us if they were less stolid and more flexible.

Plant construction, customer insight-driven business development, Germany
In ventilation solutions they aren’t the leader. Company X for instance is much more innovative in my opinion.

HVAC equipment, M&A, Germany
It’s generally poor communication, rarely poor quality! When my employees are on the construction site and have a problem, and the equipment supplier can’t be reached for quick support – that’s a huge problem!

Construction components, market entry, DACH-region
They are really good! But there’s one Swedish company that I consider best practice in terms of customer training and support.

Agricultural equipment, M&A, Nordics
The generated insights helped us to take immediate action. We discovered small issues that we weren’t aware of, and that we could change. Already minor adjustments brought significant and quick results in terms of sales improvement.

Mechanical engineering, Customer insight, Germany


1. Strategic business development

Losing market share in your home market? Planning to enter a new geographic market? We support you in gathering the strategic insights needed to harness business opportunities, build competitive advantage, and mitigate risks.

2. International business

Are you planning to strengthen your foreign business operations? Or are you seeking to expand into new geographic markets? We provide investigative research and advisory services that help you understand pertinent market characteristics and particularities, identify customers and business partners, and to craft a growth or market entry strategy.

3. Investment, mergers & acquisitions

Whether you are searching for potential acquisition targets or need to evaluate opportunities and risks of a potential investment: We provide a range of intelligence and analytics services for institutional investors, such as target identification, approach strategy, and commercial due diligence support.

4. Innovation

“We are planning to develop a new type of lifting equipment for automotive service workshops, and need to assess the market potential in different countries.” Gathering of market data, assessment of market interest and potential, identification of pilot customers … We support your innovation process from the ideation to the launch stage.


1. Market intelligence and analytics

Understanding the particularities of a specific market or industry, such as consumer habits, distribution channels, customer segments, competitive landscape and dynamics, legal and regulatory requirements is vital for assessing opportunities and risks and for crafting strategies for success. We provide professional market intelligence and analytics services tailored to your needs, both on an ad hoc and continuous (monitoring) basis. Market size and development, distribution channels, customer segments, competitive landscape and dynamics, legal and regulatory requirements … Understanding the particularities of a specific market or industry is vital for assessing opportunities and risks and for crafting strategies for success.

2. Customer insight

Price, quality, service, trust … What are your existing and prospective clients’ key criteria when looking for a supplier? A prospective customer’s order appears too good to be true? Knowing your customer is essential from a business development and also a risk management perspective. We support you in gathering the profound customer insights you need to win new customers and to build sustainable client relationships.

3. Business intelligence

Today’s fast-moving environment, decision-making needs timely data, interactive dashboards and clear reports. Business intelligence solutions help you organise, analyse, and visualise internal and external data, enabling you to monitor financial, operational, organisational performance and quality. We deploy Business intelligence solutions (Microsoft Power BI or Qlik) over your data, helping you derive insights, understand trends and underpin data driven strategic business decisions.