“In the commercial sector we are obliged to use equipment certified by this inspection agency. I really like this product’s design! I am sure we would use it if it had the required certification.” Presenting of Nordic manufacturer’s smart home electronics product to German installers, assessing interest and gathering feedback.

Building safety equipment installer, Germany

“It’s generally bad communication, rarely bad quality! When my employees are on the construction site and have a problem/question, and the equipment supplier can’t be reached for quick support – that’s a huge problem!”

Owner and managing director, supplier and installer of industrial doors and gates, Austria

“The gathered insights helped us to take action immediately. We discovered small things we hadn’t been aware of, and that could be fixed quite easily. Already minor adjustments showed quick, significant effects in terms of sales improvement.”

Mechanical engineering, Customer insight, Germany

“We are not satisfied at all! We are always looking for potential new suppliers.”

Chief purchasing manager, German car workshop chain

“Why should we buy from a Nordic supplier, if there are at least 3 German companies that offer similar products?”

Managing director of German security services provider. Interview about IT solutions used by guard personnel.

“They are really good! But there’s one Swedish company that I consider best practice in terms of customer training and support.“

AgE dealer, Germany

“In ventilation solutions they aren’t leading. Company X for instance is much more innovative in my opinion.”

HVAC equipment, M&A, Germany