It’s not about what I think, or what our chairman of the board thinks. We need do really understand these markets so we can make an informed decision about our future strategy!“

Nordic IT company specialized on public safety solutions, VP Sales and Marketing

“I noticed that we know far too little about our customers, e.g. manufacturers of mining equipment and oil and gas extraction machinery – their needs and requirements, how they choose supplier. And of course, how we perform vis-à-vis other companies.”

CEO, Major international industrial brakes manufacturer

“We identified 5 potential international expansion markets for us. The board decided to move ahead with an in-depth assessment of opportunities in Germany.”

Managing director of Nordic medical technology company

“We are losing market share to specialized auto repair shops. We need to better understand market developments and dynamics. Therefore, we need to gather insights regarding our customers’ (private car owners, car fleet operators, insurance companies) perceptions of the different repair service providers and their key decision-making criteria.”

Business development director of major Nordic automotive dealership and workshop chain