0. Media, Customer insight, GoDACH

Media | Customer insight | GoDACH

Major international music streaming platform – assessment of German market for digital audio advertising – recruiting of interviewees (subject-matter experts and marketing managers in various verticals (travel, automotive, retail, consumer goods) – conducting of in-depth interviews – presentation of beta-version of B2B online platform – consolidation of insights gathered.

Building materials | market analysis | Germany

Assessment of the German market for roof sealing solutions – compilation of long-list of roof-sealing experts – conducting of in-depth interviews – gathering of information regarding trends and preferences in materials used.

Automotive | customer insight | Germany

Major northern European workshop equipment manufacturer – assessment of German market for car workshop and testing equipment – identification of purchasing managers and workshop managers – conducting of expert interviews and gathering of insights regarding purchasing criteria and processes.

Automotive | competitive advantage | Nordics

Major Nordic passenger car dealership and workshop chain – analysis of market for vehicle-glass repair services – market sizing and key developments, competitive landscape – conducting of expert interviews (insurance sector, car-glass manufacturers, service providers) and consumer survey – competitor benchmarking – deriving of levers to increase market share.

Grocery retail | customer insight | Germany

European manufacturer of digital promotion and store-labelling equipment – market assessment Germany – identification of trends in grocery and specialty retail – conducting of interviews with decision-makers at major German retail banners (purchasing managers, IT managers) – deriving of key purchasing criteria and store technology investment plans.

Sanitary ware | market analysis | Sweden

International tier-one consultancy – assessment of Swedish sanitary ware market – market size, structure, development – distribution channels – gathering of market insights through interviews with retailers, wholesalers, and installers as well as store checks – consolidation of information and insights.

Leisure | Private equity M&A | Germany

Commercial due diligence for Nordic investor group – analysis of German market for indoor family entertainment centres – market sizing and development, identification and profiling of key players in the market – assessment of potential acquisition targets.

Fashion | market analysis | various markets

US chemical company – assessment of fashion brand portfolios in Germany, Italy, UK, France, and Spain – deriving of top 20 fashion brands including retail-brands and manufacturing-brands – conducting of expert interviews in all countries.

Truck OEM | customer insight | Germany

German truck OEM – analysis of the German HCV market with special focus on chassis and body – customer insight generation through expert interviews with procurement managers, focusing on experiences (strengths, weaknesses) with different brands and key buying criteria.

Communication technology | Lead generation | Germany 

Swedish company specialized on high security communications technology and equipment –assessment of the German market and competitive landscape – identification and approaching of major building technology solution providers and installers and introduction of client – arrangement and facilitation of personal meetings (roadshow).

Special vehicles | customer insight | Germany

German truck manufacturer specialised in bodies for fire trucks – conducting of expert interviews with procurement managers of airport fire and industrial plant fire services – deriving of customer insights with focus on purchasing criteria and processes as well as procurement plans.

MedTech | prehospital care | GoDACH

Nordic company specialised on development of patient care and documentation solutions – assessment of the German and Austrian prehospital care markets – development of market entry strategy – identification of pilot clients – company representation at key industry exhibitions – market and customer insight gathering for product development and innovation.

Public safety | market analysis | GoDACH

Major European supplier of control room solutions – assessment of German and Dutch markets – conducting of in-depth interviews with experts and decision-makers – competitive landscape analysis and benchmarking – consolidation of information and insights and compilation of reports.

Sports retail | Private equity M&A | Germany

Nordic private equity company – commercial due diligence – assessment of sports retail markets in Germany, France, and Benelux countries – identification and profiling of potential acquisition-targets – gathering of consumer insight through online survey, in-depth interviews, and shop-alongs.

Building technology | market analyses | Germany and Spain

Nordic manufacturer of private home elevators – market assessment Germany and Spain – deriving of market potential and identification of key trends – conducting of expert interviews with residential developers, architects, building technology consultants.

Mechanical engineering | B2B Catalyst | various markets and sectors

Nordic manufacturer of industrial brakes – global assessment of 5 different application segments – generation of deep customer insight (trends, purchasing criteria, client/competitor awareness-perception-experience) for strategic business development – supplier and competitor mapping for acquisition-target identification.

Building technology | Private equity M&A | Germany

Commercial due diligence – Nordic manufacturer of ventilation equipment – assessment of the German residential building market – new construction trends and outlook – regulatory frameworks – refurbishment and replacement demand – insight-generation through expert-interviews (producers, installers, technical consultants, architects)

Outdoor apparel | Private equity M&A |  Germany

Commercial due diligence – Nordic outdoor apparel company – assessment of German market for outdoor pants – deriving of market size, growth, and trends – gathering of consumer insight through online survey and interviews – conducting of in-depth interviews with sports and outdoor apparel retailers and experts.

Pharma packaging | Private equity M&A | multi-market

Commercial due diligence – Nordic packaging material company – assessment of the market for carton packaging, focusing on food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals segments – gathering of customer insights through in-depth interviews with product and purchasing managers in various countries (Nordics, Poland, Benelux)

Apparel | Private equity M&A | Nordics

Commercial due diligence – Nordic manufacturer of work wear and personal protective equipment – assessment of the Finnish market for work wear and PPE – deriving of market size and growth – conducting of in-depth interviews with B2B-clients (e.g. construction companies, installers) and retailers.

E-Commerce | Operative support | Germany

Nordic producer and distributor of wooden building components – preparation of customer survey (B2C) – optimisation and restructuring of web shop for the German speaking market.

Advertising | customer insight |  GoDACH

Nordic media and advertising company – assessment of German and Austrian markets for print advertisements – organisation and facilitation of focus group workshop aimed at generating comprehensive insights about perception and use of traditional advertising formats as well as digital advertising.